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USB Flash DriveWe have just added a 32GB flash drive to our range. The FD03 Hercules comes with a USB lead and can hold an amazing 32GB of data.

Printed promotional "Hercules" USB Flash drives start at $146.00 each on a thousand purchase.

Our minimum purchase is only 50 units, at just $152.00 each. 

Order now! 

scamThere is hardly anything in the world that some man can’t make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.” John Ruskin, 1819-1900

We have heard of some bad experiences where customers have been chasing the cheapest price possible for their flash drives. Please keep in mind that USB Direct only sells original flash memory which means this memory is made by either Intel, Samsung, Toshiba or Hynix – all quality suppliers. As a result of this, USB Direct is able to offer a 5 year guarantee and is one of the leading suppliers to the Education, Health and corporate market. The level of hierarchy for your reference is as follows:

ORIGINAL – Intel, Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba

A GRADE – cheaper non original flash. Usually reasonable quality but can fail.

B GRADE – cheapest non original flash. Don’t buy these ever.

If you need further explanation, give Andrew Koch a call on 02 9486 3148.

Asusb 3.0 you can imagine, the need for more memory and transfer speed are becoming very important to the delivery of flash drives. USB 2.0 has been in the market for around 10 years (the original USB standard USB 1.1 came out in 1996) and our customers are starting to ask whether their USB speeds can be increased. Some photography companies we work with need a fast transfer speed otherwise they are waiting too long and unproductively for each individual data download of photos.

USB 3.0 is available now and has data transfer speeds of between 15 to 20 times that of USB 2.0. The problem is that not many computers have a 3.0 port so they are mostly redundant until our friends from HP, Dell, Apple etc start producing them. We then only need these computers to reach the customers who use them and 3.0 will take over from USB 2.0.

The price of USB 3.0 at the moment is about double USB 2.0 but you will see a convergence in this as well and within 2 years USB 2.0 will become mostly redundant.

 Features of the 3.0 USB:

  • Backward compatible with USB 2.0 (means that you can use a 3.0 in a 2.0 port but not vice versa). However, the 3.0 will be slow in a 2.0 port so it becomes as useful as the 2.0.
  • Higher transfer rates (up to 4.8 Gbps) as opposed to high speed 2.0 USBs which travel at less than ½ GB per second.
  • New connectors and cables (unfortunate)
  • Increased maximum bus speed (means the hardware works harder and faster)
  • New power management features (conserves power and keeps computer cool)
  • Support for new transfer types
  • Full duplex data transfers
  • More power – USB 2.0 provides 50% more power for unconfigured devices from 100mA to 150mA and 80% more power for configured devices from 500mA to 900mA. Large monitors and speedy portable drives can be BUS powered and battery powered computer devices that previously charged using bus power could potentially charge more quickly.
  • New applications – Any high bandwidth device that works with USB 2.0 will become better if updated to a 3.0 USB. Throughput suffers under the strain of USB 2.0 in devices such as webcams, external hard drives, blu-ray burners, video capture and video adaptors as well as high end flash drives. You will see a greater use of video in the next few years because bandwith of the 3.0 is 10 times greater than the 2.0.


usb memory issue

At USB Direct, When the price of the memory goes up, we want to know why. The natural trend is for it to go down as technology cost usually do. Investigating further, we have found out that Apple is at the latter stages of production in China for the next iPhone . We noticed a spike in memory particularly around the 8GB mark and this can only be attributed to the forces of supply and demand. When Apple buys memory, the world's consumers are forced to pay more for memory based products as a considerable shortage is created usually for about 2 months.

USB Direct is the only company to publish our prices on the internet for all to see. Although this is appreciated by our customers, we are naturally vulnerable to competitor's price beating.

Rather than remove our price table, we would appreciate the opportunity to bite back with our own guarantee for printed USBs Drives - we won't be beaten by any competitor price for original flash drive. 

Just email the quote and we will guarantee to beat it!

As of 1st March 2013, all USBs sold in Australia have to be ERAC (Electrical Regulatory Authority Council) compliant. ERAC is the regulator in the industry and have introduced the EESS (Electrical Equipment Safety System) to improve safety and to ensure electromagnetic compatibility in Australia

USBs are a level 2 device (there are 3 categories) and all suppliers are required to be registered on the ERAC national database as a "responsible supplier".

USB DIRECT as a leading supplier of USBs is the first to complete the compliance and provided its certificate of conformity to the authorities. Evidence of this is supported by compliance stickers which are placed on all our USBs. The sticker looks like this:

compliance logo

USBs which are not displaying this mark could be recalled if produced after 1st March 2013. So make sure you are using a supplier which is compliant and displaying the sticker on all USBs.

If you have any questions regarding this important legislation, please don't hesitate to call me on 0438 642 257.

Andrew Koch


china scamsAfter 20 years of purchasing goods from China, one of the most interesting developments I’ve noticed has been the number of Chinese agents marketing directly to corporates. It has been disturbing to hear from some direct purchase clients who have come back to me with horror stories that have cost their companies money and sometimes the purchaser’s job.

To be honest, it isn’t much safer than the Nigerian or inheritance scams that we see going around. Here are some of the issues that should make you reconsider buying direct from overseas factories:


  • You will be required to pay in advance – you may not here from them again! There is a big increase in the number of Nigerian style scams going on in China despite the websites looking very enticing and real.
  • You may receive B or C grade memory chips substituted for quality long lasting A grade chips.
  • Logo is not printed or engraved properly or rubs off.
  • Memory chips are not conforming to ERAC – Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council and could be recalled. They must display a sticker showing conformity.
  • You have no guarantee of quality.
  • Margins for USBs are quite low, so there is not a big saving by going direct.
  • You will need to have a good understanding of artwork requirements and probably won’t get suitable artwork approvals from the factory/agent.


If you need any further information or advise on USB purchasing, please feel free to call me. USB DIRECT is the first company to complete ERAC compliance and has compliance stickers displayed on each USB. If you don’t have these, you may be subject to a recall from the ERAC.

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