Why give a USB drive?

Giving a USB driveIn Australia, over 75% of workers have a computer at home and most of this sector require the transfer of information from home to work and back. USB flash drives allow this to happen easily. Importantly, many schools have caught on to the importance of saving their documents at school and completing this work at home or vice versa.

Portable USB Flash Drives have become the most effective promotional item in many years. Buyers have acclaimed their value because they deliver 5 of the most important criteria in promotional product effectiveness:

  • practical as a work tool as well as for personal use;
  • small and portable;
  • new and innovative;
  • well presented;
  • inexpensive.

USB flash drives are a standard item, all major computer manufacturers follow the USB Standard . This means that you can give a USB drive as a gift safe in the knowledge that the recipient will find it useful.

USB flash drives are a corporate gift that lives for years! The average USB drive is good for 100,000 read/writes, which means they can be used for years under normal conditions.

Every time your client goes to copy or show their data (or any other use for a USB drive) they will see your logo! Even better they will think to themselves what a useful gift this was that YOU gave them.