Uses for USB Flash drives

uses for USBs

USB/Flash drives have many uses that make them perfect for corporate gifts: Transport and store personal files such as documents, pictures, video and music. Many people have a computer at home as well as work or school;

  • They can hold up to 64GB of data;
  • They are very small and can easily fit into a bag, wallet or pocket;
  • Flash drives can be connected and disconnected without having to reboot the computer;
  • Flash drives can be used to make digital audio players such as the Ipod shuffle and Creative Muvo. In November 2007, Kylie Minogue’s new album “X” was released on a USB stick;
  • USB Flash Drives are nearly impervious to the scratches and dust that were prevalent for compact and floppy discs;
  • USB Flash Drives are small and very easy to store. A typical CD holds only 703MB of data;
  • The power consumption of a typical flash drive is very low;
  • USB Direct can burn your presentation or information onto the drive so you can give it away as a promotional product which is both a gift and a subliminal technique to promote your business.

USB Direct has noticed the rapid rate at which USB flash drives are being taken up by schools. The first education centres to use USB flash drives were Universities shortly followed by Private schools. In the last year, many public schools have embraced the technology particularly as they have acquired more computers. This increase has coincided with the proliferation of home and school computers as well as the ability of flash drives to hold more and more memory - up to 64GB.

We can also print your USB drive with each student's name.